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A Mix of Metal - FX - Ragga - Hip-Hop - Punk

Straight to your Face!!!

Good vibes only  

NLC Live Band since 2018

Want more? Come Get Some!!!

Mic : John B.

Guitar - Percussions - Vocals: Steph D.

Guitar : Ced P.

Drum : Manu Panpan

Backing Vocals : Anicée B.

Bass : ? ;)

Photograph : Oli L. ​ ​ ​ 

Special thanks to Christel, Betch, Max, Ludi, Marie, Yves, Pierre, Aurelien, Oli, Hafid, Laurent de Zutter, Noise Factory Studio, Foyer Culturel de Sprimont, Maison des Jeunes de Sprimont, NLC Crew and You!!!

Bio: Biographie
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